Is President Biden under investigation by his own Department of Justice?

A new report suggests then Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter, shared finances and Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca Partners, was essentially Joe Biden, Inc.  The FBI is currently investigating Hunter Biden and should surely be connecting the dots, but the media remains strangely uninterested in what has all the makings of a classic scandal.

Imagine if you will, a Vice President of the United States that mingles finances with his drug addicted son.  At times the son’s addiction is so intense, he’s been photographed passed out in the bathtub with a crack pipe, he fights with his estranged wife so bitterly she takes his gun and leaves it in a public trash can for the Secret Service to recover, he takes his laptop in for repair and just leaves it there forever, and who knows what else.  Somehow, however, this same son makes millions of dollars around the world, trading on his father’s name.  To the outside observer, everything this drug addict touches turns to gold.  A corrupt Ukrainian energy company pays him over $80,000 per month as a board member, even though he cannot speak the language and has no experience in the energy sector.  He travels to China with his father on Air Force Two and secures billions of dollars in private equity investments, despite having no experience in investing.  He holds a stake in other Chinese companies as well, again with no experience in things like microchips or just about anything else.  He’s now embarking on a career in art, selling “paintings” for $75,000 or more a piece, and yet has never been an artist.

Nor is the Vice President himself fully insulated from these schemes, despite his protestestions that the son was acting completely on his own without his knowledge or involvement.  The son and his company regularly paid his father’s bills, complained about how much money he had to give his father, and had employees at his company handle his father’s personal affairs.  The lost laptop was ultimately recovered.  It contains an array of sordid dealings including 10% stakes held for the “big guy” and $10,000,000 annual fees for “introductions alone” along with pictures of the crack addict in compromising positions.  In addition, a whistleblower who worked with both father and son came forward, and confessed the Vice President was fully aware of all his son’s dealings, and was in fact the “big guy.”  There’s even more, reports and photographs of the Vice President meeting with his son’s business partners, emails thanking his son for arranging those meetings, and more.  Incredibly, the son still maintains a stake in some of these operations even after his father ascended to the Presidency.

The FBI itself has been investigating these dealings for three years, but we’re duly informed the son is the sole focus of the investigation and the father is not involved at all, until now.  On Tuesday, a bombshell report from The Daily Mail on emails recovered from the abandoned laptop reveals Joe and Hunter Biden were so close they shared bank accounts.  The emails in question are between Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin, a fellow business partner at Rosemont Seneca, covering everything from taxes to paying bills, arranging high profile meetings to a potential book deal.  On June 5, 2010, Mr. Schwerin wrote to Hunter, “FYI, there are a few outstanding bills that need to be paid and I am not sure which ones are a priority and which should get paid out of ‘my’ account and which should be put on hold or paid out of the ‘Wilmington Trust Social Security Check Account.’”  He added, “There is about $2,000 extra in ‘my’ account beyond what is used for monthly expenses.”  In both cases, it’s unclear why both accounts are in quotations.  On June 10, Mr. Schwerin mentioned that Joe owed Hunter money and that he was handling the VP’s taxes, “Your Dad’s Delaware tax refund check came today. I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you. Don’t think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead. If not, I will deposit tomorrow.”

Mr. Schwerin also appears to be closely involved in setting up various meetings and introductions on behalf of the Vice President.  In July 2010, he wrote “ Does it make sense to see if your Dad has some time in the next couple of weeks while you are in DC to talk about it? Your Dad just called me about his mortgage . . . so it dawned on me it might be a good time [for] some positive news about his future earnings potential.”  One wonders why the Vice President was calling his son’s business partner about his mortgage, but Mr. Schwerin was in the middle of everything, even a potential book deal.  Susan Mercandetti, an editor for Penguin Random House emailed the Vice President’s assistant Kathy Chung in November 2015 about engaging “in a conversation about the possibility of [Joe] writing another book.”  She wrote, “We thought that a book on living with grief is something that would be important to so many people and clearly it [sic] a subject about which he has spoken so poignantly.”

Ms. Chung promptly forwarded the email to Mr. Schwerin, writing, “Hey, do I send these to you? If yes, can you pls email her and tell her you received, or she’ll continue to email me.” Mr. Schwerin followed up with Ms. Mercandetti, “Right now, we are compiling a list of all the requests that come in to the VP regarding books, etc. so that when he’s ready to focus on this we’ll have them all in one place.  Fee [sic] free to reach out to me if you have any questions in the meantime.”  He kept Hunter in the loop on all of these dealings, “Mike Christopher is hassling me so I am paying a couple of the smaller things since I haven’t heard from your Dad.  Know he’s busy – so it’s OK.  But if you think he has a free moment or two to review the email I sent you let me know.”

Nor is Mr. Schwerin the only person from Rosemont Seneca in the loop.  Joan Meyer, another employee of the firm, followed up with Hunter on the book deal as well.  Ultimately, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Rosemont Seneca itself was Joe Biden’s business, or perhaps the business of Joe Biden might be a better way to phrase it, with Hunter acting as his surrogate in all things, fronting the operation for his father.  It should go without saying that this sort of arrangement is unusual for a sitting Vice President, especially one that has repeatedly insisted that he was never involved with his son’s business dealings.

Experts on corruption and potential money laundering aren’t exactly thrilled.  John Cassara, a former U.S. Intelligence Officer and Treasury Special Agent, told The Daily Mail, “The information available publicly is very worrisome, particularly in the areas of corruption.  They could go at this from all different avenues. Follow the corruption trail and then charge money laundering.  Corruption is a predicate offense for money laundering. And besides corruption, it’s the perception of corruption. This kind of thing should not be happening. It undermines full faith in the US government. It undermines trust and our international reputation. It’s an embarrassment.”  Another former prosecutor who asked not to be named said, “Whatever transaction you’re looking at, if there’s a connection to a family member or a friend, sure the answer is yes [they would be investigated].  Obviously, if you’re talking about the President of the United States, you’d better have a pretty damn good reason to talk to that person.”

What would be a pretty damn good reason? Well, other messages from Hunter indicate a series of payoffs to his father for unspecified services, up to half his salary if he’s to be believed. In a 2019 text to his daughter Naomi, he wrote, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.  It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.”  A year earlier, Hunter complained that he’d been shut out of a bank account his father had been using, “Too many cooks in the kitchen. Too many profile changes and such. Happened 10 days ago too…My dad has been using most lines on this account which I’ve through the gracious offerings of Eric have paid for past 11 years.”

Regardless of whether or not Hunter is exaggerating, the situation has all the makings of a monstrous scandal, but don’t tell that to the mainstream media.  Fox News was the only major outlet to cover the original story from The Daily Mail.  There was complete silence from the other  cable networks, and not a word from major print outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times.  This shouldn’t be surprising when social media and traditional media companies colluded with one another last year to suppress the original story, literally concocted lies about Russian disinformation and potential hacking without a shred of actual evidence.  On October 19, 2020, Politico rushed to then candidate Biden’s defense claiming, “More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son ‘has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’”  Incredibly, they note “While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence, they said their national security experience had made them ‘deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.’”

They were not alone.  The mainstream media openly bragged about their refusal to cover the story at  all.  On October 22, NPR tweeted, “Why haven’t you seen stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunger Biden story?”  The tweet displayed an image, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”  It wasn’t until September 22, 2021 that Politico came around to admitting the story was true, incredibly odd considering the Department of Justice announced the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances in December 2020 and Donald Trump was impeached essentially for claiming an investigation was warranted.

To this day, no one, not the social media companies or the mainstream media, has so much as apologized, much less paid any price at all for lying to the American people, knowingly, willingly, and repeatedly.  Now, it seems obvious that Joe Biden himself is under investigation as the Department of Justice is forced to connect the dots: An investigation into Hunter’s finances will lead them to his bank account and anyone on those accounts will become a target.  This is huge news by any definition, proof that Biden was running a supposedly private company as Biden, Inc. through a crack-addled surrogate.  Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley is demanding a special counsel, “With these disclosures, we have accounts being used to pay both Hunter and Joe Biden and money being reimbursed to Hunter Biden from an individual associated with a company called Rosemont Seneca. Now that’s a company that has been tied to payments from China and Russia. And so this is getting more and more serious. The question is why the Justice Department hasn’t considered the appointment of a special counsel. We know there’s a criminal investigation into the tax issues, possible money laundering. But there are also serious questions about whether the Biden family conducted an extensive influence-peddling operation involving not just Hunter but his uncle and potentially the president of the United States.”  I’d settle for the media simply paying any attention at all.

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