The likely Democrat crack up

Joe Biden is assembling a cabinet of establishment stalwarts and the left-wing of the party can’t be happy Shortly after the election, left-wing superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the New York Times that the presidential transition sends a signal: “These transition appointments, they send a signal. They tell a story of who the administration credits with… Continue reading The likely Democrat crack up


Cancelling Eric Clapton

The legendary musician teams up with Van Morrison to raise money for musicians affected by coronavirus and chaos ensues over 45-year old racist comments In August of 1976, Eric Clapton went on a drug fueled tirade against immigration at a show in Birmingham, England.  The content is startlingly racist to modern sensibilities: “Do we have… Continue reading Cancelling Eric Clapton

The COVID-19 death counts can’t possibly be accurate

A new study from Johns Hopkins that casts doubt on the death toll is summarily suppressed, indicating exactly how ludicrous it is to provide accurate figures in real-time On November 22, Genevieve Biand, assistant director of the Applied Economics Master’s Degree program at Johns Hopkins, presented research on a webinar that came to a stunning… Continue reading The COVID-19 death counts can’t possibly be accurate

Do the lockdowns have any limiting principle?

As the Supreme Court weighs in for the first time, it’s time to consider where the government’s ability to restrict basic freedoms begins and ends Late Wednesday afternoon, the Supreme Court ruled on government imposed COVID-19 regulations for the first time, striking down Governor Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on religious worship.  Not surprisingly, in today’s coronavirus… Continue reading Do the lockdowns have any limiting principle?

We should all be thankful for the 10th amendment

States rights has gotten a bad rap in recent years, but de-nationalizing remains our best means to de-escalate political battles and reduce polarization The much-maligned, often-forgotten 10th Amendment is very simple and straightforward: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the… Continue reading We should all be thankful for the 10th amendment

You’re being lied to about small gatherings driving the coronavirus surge

Even the New York Times is now reporting what should be obvious to everyone:  Small groups of people, regularly following social distancing, aren’t super spreaders What’s the old adage about a blind squirrel occasionally finding an acorn or a broken clock being right twice a day?  Occasionally, even the New York Times gets it right… Continue reading You’re being lied to about small gatherings driving the coronavirus surge

Who are the real authoritarians now?

Banning books, blocking the press, restricting movement, and making lists, the left goes all in on creeping facism For the past four years, the left and their enablers in the mainstream media, have endlessly repeated the refrain that Trump is an “authoritarian.”  In September, Politico blared that “Trump is an Authoritarian.  So Are Millions of… Continue reading Who are the real authoritarians now?

The shameful absurdity of Cuomo’s Emmy

The moral rot and intellectual hypocrisy of the media and Hollywood elites is on full, in your face, go freak yourself display If you've ever wondered why conservatives believe the media and entertainment industries are rank cesspools of corruption, incompetence, and outright fraud, consider Cuomo's Emmy nomination for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Yes,… Continue reading The shameful absurdity of Cuomo’s Emmy

When did the media stop speaking truth to power?

From NSA spying to ridiculous COVID-19 regulations, the modern media displays no skepticism, curiosity, or concern about the exercise of government power The media has always tilted left. Legendary anchors from Morrow to Kronkite had liberal sensibilities, but they also exhibited a deeply held skepticism of authority and saw "speaking truth to power" as one… Continue reading When did the media stop speaking truth to power?

In our system, states get a vote

Unraveling the myth that the United States is “undemocratic” because we aren’t ruled by New York and California From to the New York Times, liberals are busy lamenting two of the very pillars of our Republic, the Senate and the Electoral College.  Imagine if the system was different, they say, Donald Trump would never… Continue reading In our system, states get a vote