Was there a post-Thanksgiving surge in coronavirus cases?

Unfortunately, neither clear nor unclear data prevents the media and liberal politicians from cherry picking the numbers, rewriting history, and shutting down businesses non-stop even as a vaccine arrives Never afraid to let the actual numbers and an objective review of the facts get in the way of a potentially panic inducing coronavirus story, the… Continue reading Was there a post-Thanksgiving surge in coronavirus cases?

You’re being lied to about small gatherings driving the coronavirus surge

Even the New York Times is now reporting what should be obvious to everyone:  Small groups of people, regularly following social distancing, aren’t super spreaders What’s the old adage about a blind squirrel occasionally finding an acorn or a broken clock being right twice a day?  Occasionally, even the New York Times gets it right… Continue reading You’re being lied to about small gatherings driving the coronavirus surge

Talking illegal turkey

The questionable Constitutionality and pseudo-science behind the no gathering, no singing, no laughing, and no dancing craze smothering this Thanksgiving The First Amendment of the Constitution states unequivocally that the right of people to peaceably assemble shall not be infringed, but that hasn't stopped governors around the country from unilaterally declaring their citizen's usual Thanksgiving… Continue reading Talking illegal turkey