Talking illegal turkey

The questionable Constitutionality and pseudo-science behind the no gathering, no singing, no laughing, and no dancing craze smothering this Thanksgiving The First Amendment of the Constitution states unequivocally that the right of people to peaceably assemble shall not be infringed, but that hasn't stopped governors around the country from unilaterally declaring their citizen's usual Thanksgiving… Continue reading Talking illegal turkey

Ballots here, ballots there, ballots everywhere

Can anyone explain how this election software is actually supposed to work? Yesterday, we learned that two counties in Georgia "found" batches of previously uncounted votes. These votes were stored on "memory" cards, but somehow were never reported in the initial count. To which I say: How is that freaking possible in the year 2020?… Continue reading Ballots here, ballots there, ballots everywhere

Does anything truly unite us anymore?

Political unity isn’t happening, but perhaps we can unify around a few key founding principles like the Founders themselves The epic political battles between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton began practically on day one of the George Washington Administration, planting the seeds of the two party system as Federalists and Anti-federalists spontaneously organized themselves into… Continue reading Does anything truly unite us anymore?

Wait, there’s a vaccine coming before the end of the year?

I guess the media just completely missed that major story in the run up to the election Less than two weeks after the election, two major announcements from Pfizer and Moderna about two vaccines that are close to twice as effective as their original targets were accompanied by completely upside down coverage from the media… Continue reading Wait, there’s a vaccine coming before the end of the year?

Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever!

Positive news on a potential vaccine offers a light at the end of the tunnel, but some people simply don't want this to end, ever If you thought a widely available vaccine is exactly what the doctor ordered to get back to our normal lives, you're aren't talking to Dr. Fauci. Here's the good doctor… Continue reading Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever!

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito finally states the obvious

How long can the government restrict your basic rights even in the middle of a pandemic? I'm now going to say something that I hope will not be twisted or misunderstood. But I have spent more than 20 years in Washington, so I'm not overly optimistic. In any event, here goes. The pandemic has resulted… Continue reading Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito finally states the obvious

Forget the election, the entire country is rigged against conservatives

From the polls to the debates with social media in between, there’s not a single institution that hasn’t revealed implicit bias if not outright hatred I’ll never forget the moment the media called Florida for Al Gore in 2000, essentially handing him the Presidency while the polls were still open in the conservative panhandle.  I’d… Continue reading Forget the election, the entire country is rigged against conservatives

About Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

I’m not what most people would consider a “typical” conservative.  I’ve never been to a church service outside a wedding or a funeral, and have been a proud atheist since I was old enough to know what the term meant.  I went to film school at one of the most liberal universities in the country,… Continue reading About Confessions of a Conservative Atheist