Forget the election, the entire country is rigged against conservatives

From the polls to the debates with social media in between, there’s not a single institution that hasn’t revealed implicit bias if not outright hatred

I’ll never forget the moment the media called Florida for Al Gore in 2000, essentially handing him the Presidency while the polls were still open in the conservative panhandle.  I’d gotten into politics the previous cycle, when Clinton handily beat Dole.  I watched those returns closely as well and, even as a newcomer, it seemed the blue states were called immediately while it took forever to declare Mississippi remained red.

Did anyone covering the race really doubt Dole was going to win Mississippi?  Of course not, but the projections were based on the exit polls, and as we learned definitively four years later, the exit polls were fundamentally flawed, so much so that they could incorrectly declare the winner of the whole election.

It’s been over twenty years now and the exit polls and projections are no better.  Fox News predicted a gain of 5 seats for Democrats in the House of Representatives at 9.00 PM on election night, but the Democrats are actually going to lose 10 or more seats.

How is it possible that media organizations spending millions upon millions of dollars every cycle can’t figure this out and correct it?  If millions of conservatives watching the returns know the exit polls are flawed, why does the media continue pushing faulty information?

There’s only one rational answer at this point:  They’re rigged.  If these were honest mistakes, there’d be the occasional early call for Republicans, but it never happens.  If these were flaws, they’d be fixed at some point, but they never are.

Instead, it’s the same story every cycle and the exit polls aren’t the only suspect feature of our elections.  The pre-election polls, for example, might be even worse.  Did anyone seriously believe Biden would win Wisconsin by 17 points?  The last time anyone won that big was back in 1964 when Johnson trounced Goldwater.  The Nixon and Reagan landslides (Reagan won 49 states in 1984) didn’t produce that kind of margin.  No one could have possibly thought the result was accurate, and yet they printed it anyway.

Meanwhile, social media companies engaged in the opposite.  They prevented the online “printing” of news they didn’t like, even locking the account of the New York Post, a newspaper founded by Alexander Hamilton.  Twitter claimed the Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop was based on hacked information, except there was no evidence of hacking.  Facebook claimed they were fact-checking the content, except there was no evidence it was fake.  Both companies lied to suppress a story they didn’t like.

They weren’t the only liars this time around.  The Commission on Presidential Debates unilaterally cancelled the second debate claiming they couldn’t find any staff in all of Miami to work it.  In reality, their selected moderator, Steve Scully, was caught lying about the hacking of his Twitter account.  They couldn’t possibly continue with a compromised fraud of a moderator, so they lied about it as well.

In addition to damn lies, we were also treated to completely bogus statistics courtesy of our compromised academic institutions.  A study from the Institute of Labor Economics made huge headlines claiming the The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally caused 50,000 cases of coronavirus.  Interestingly, the authors were economists, using a faulty model that failed to account for the current trends in the areas they studied, meaning they attributed all increases to the rally, even if the increases started before the rally.

In other words, they rigged the study and lied about it.

Over the summer, we learned that rigging and lying weren’t unique to private institutions.  An FBI lawyer, Kevin Klinesmith, pleaded guilty to falsifying information for a warrant on the infamous Russia probe into Trump’s campaign and presidency.  What did he falsify?  Only whether or not one of the targets of the probe, Carter Page, was a CIA asset.  The CIA reported, correctly, that he was an asset, but Klinesmith edited the email to claim he wasn’t, opening Carter page up to a secret warrant.

This secret was kept from us for 4 years.

There were other secrets hidden in the bowels of the government as well.  We also learned that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were fully aware of the Russia investigation, Joe Biden himself made recommendations about it in the Oval Office in January of 2017, and then proceeded to lie about it throughout the entire campaign.  This was from the same team that unleashed the IRS on conservative groups, as in rigged the IRS against their political enemies, and unleashed the Espionage Act on journalists, as in rigged the law itself against the news despite clear First Amendment protections.

Yet, Biden was never asked about any of this in any meaningful way.

What else are we to conclude except these institutions are rigged against conservatives?  

My liberal friends will likely quote the old canard that “reality has a liberal bias,” but this isn’t reality.  The reality is that we live in a divided country, where both candidates received more votes than either party has in our history.  Both sides need to come to terms with this simple truth, the sooner, the better, and both sides need to demand transparency, accountability, and fairness in our institutions.

Instead, we increasingly inhabit a fantasy land carefully managed by oligarchs and government officials, none of whom have liberal’s best interests at heart anymore than they have conservatives.  One day these same weapons will be used against their own causes and speech.  The revolution will end up eating its own.


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