Afghanistan Fallout: The six biggest questions in the days ahead

Will we get our people and allies out safely? What did Biden know and when did he know it?  How could our intelligence be so bad?  Why did we do nothing while the Taliban marched through the country?  What becomes of Afghanistan?  How do our enemies and adversaries react? Momentous events like the Taliban’s swift… Continue reading Afghanistan Fallout: The six biggest questions in the days ahead

Poor, poor, pitiful Biden?

CNN suddenly discovers that being President is hard and likely to get harder.  Who knew?  Unfortunately for Americans, President Biden is suffering from an array of largely self-inflicted wounds, from the border to international relations.  The solution is simple:   Govern how he promised on the campaign and stop pretending to be some radical progressive.… Continue reading Poor, poor, pitiful Biden?

Biden stumbles, literally and figuratively, face first into Putin

Slipping on the stairs is no big deal, but real stumbles across staffing, foreign policy, and the border that are of much bigger concern.  Of course, the media’s reaction to Biden’s stumble is illustrative of the radical difference in coverage we’ve seen between the current and former President.  In other words, has anyone called for… Continue reading Biden stumbles, literally and figuratively, face first into Putin

The absurd futility of our cybersecurity strategy

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense, but we apparently have neither despite years of attacks and billions of dollars in defense, so we’ll just blame Russia and move on In October 2019, a (presumed to be) Russian actor, possibly part of the Russian government, compromised a Texas-based company’s network and systems monitoring software… Continue reading The absurd futility of our cybersecurity strategy