Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” messaging strategy

Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton.  The former President was a masterful retail politician, able to connect with voters personally, and empathize directly with their needs.  From gas prices to the overall economy, the current President prefers to deny the reality happening before our very eyes. President Bill Clinton was famous for his ability to… Continue reading Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” messaging strategy

Remembering Bob Dole and the halcyon days when Democrats were still sane

The passing of a political giant is a great time for introspection.  The most important question facing America today is why Democrats have abandoned virtually every single position they held just 25 years ago when Bob Dole ran for the Presidency against William Jefferson Clinton. Today, the would hate Clinton for the middle name alone.… Continue reading Remembering Bob Dole and the halcyon days when Democrats were still sane

Impeach President Biden?

The disaster in Afghanistan has prompted multiple calls to impeach the President.  What are the grounds and what does history say in similar situations?  Before the Trump Era, no President had been impeached without being accused of a crime.  In 1868, Congress actually passed a law to entrap Johnson. Should the old rules still apply? … Continue reading Impeach President Biden?