Coronavirus: Lies then, lies now, lies forever

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a lead proponent of lockdowns, now claims he never recommended any lockdowns while his colleague, Dr. Deborah Birx openly admits she engaged in “subterfuge” in the early days of the pandemic, deceiving President Trump and the American people for her own purposes.  When will anyone pay a price for the biggest policy… Continue reading Coronavirus: Lies then, lies now, lies forever


Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” messaging strategy

Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton.  The former President was a masterful retail politician, able to connect with voters personally, and empathize directly with their needs.  From gas prices to the overall economy, the current President prefers to deny the reality happening before our very eyes. President Bill Clinton was famous for his ability to… Continue reading Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” messaging strategy

High energy prices and no air conditioning, welcome to the progressive future

A columnist for Bloomberg urges President Biden to ensure gas prices never fall below $5 per gallon again while a writer for CNN claims we should ditch our air conditioners in favor of “passive cooling.”  The progressive movement has never been more regressive, calling for you to suffer with less mobility, comfort, choice, and freedom. … Continue reading High energy prices and no air conditioning, welcome to the progressive future

Bruce Springsteen broke Ticketmaster

Somehow, the ticket broker service has lumbered on over time, immune to the radical upheaval of business other business models in the internet age, passing none of the technology savings onto the consumer, and becoming a near monopoly that charges ridiculous fees of up to $500 per ticket.  Who doesn’t want to pay $5,000 a… Continue reading Bruce Springsteen broke Ticketmaster

Progressives reveal their true colors on illegal immigration

Millions of migrants have flooded border states over the past 18 months, straining local services and law enforcement like never before, but when a relative handful arrive in Washington, DC and New York City, progressive mayors cry foul and demand help from the federal government.  Apparently, they believe someone else should pay the cost of… Continue reading Progressives reveal their true colors on illegal immigration

Russia: Sanctions aren’t doing jack shit

Rather than crippling the Russian economy as all the real card carrying experts promised, the ruble is stronger than it’s been in seven years and Russian oil exports are generating more revenue than ever.  The outcome is the opposite of what was intended as the war in Ukraine rages on with no end in sight. … Continue reading Russia: Sanctions aren’t doing jack shit

AOC: The progressive victim that roared

It might be easy to dismiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s constant complaining and claims of victimhood were she not illustrative of the progressive movement in general, where even the highest of the high, including the President himself feigns powerlessness and pretends he’s merely a victim of events. Life is very difficult for progressive firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  We… Continue reading AOC: The progressive victim that roared

Joe Manchin: Slayer of planets and Democrat dreams all over again

Some shows are better in reruns, so it was last week when Senator Joe Manchin stood alone against his own party once again, stopping the insanity of increasing taxes and regulations in a period of rampant inflation and slowing economic growth.  Both are the precise opposite of what economics demands, but Democrats are increasingly unmoored… Continue reading Joe Manchin: Slayer of planets and Democrat dreams all over again

Uvalde: Why is anyone surprised?

There are brave police officers who would willingly risk their lives, but the leadership at a local, state, and federal level has long moved past such an old fashioned, pedestrian mission.  Why should local officials be any different than the big boys and girls in Washington, DC?  There is no doubt that the Uvalde Police… Continue reading Uvalde: Why is anyone surprised?

The abortion debate deserves a lot more respect and accuracy than the blatant misinformation we’ve seen so far

Consensus was never going easy, but it’s not going to be possible at all if prominent progressives continue to lie with the express purpose of terrifying some portion of the public into thinking women of all ages will be denied life saving care throughout the country. Abortion is a serious issue, morally and medically.  A… Continue reading The abortion debate deserves a lot more respect and accuracy than the blatant misinformation we’ve seen so far