It’s long past time to discuss President Biden’s obvious mental decline

The media doesn’t seem to care, indeed is doing its best to hide it, but we cannot have a President doddering around a stage, shaking hands with the empty air without serious repercussions.  Talk of the 25th Amendment was all the rage when President Trump was in office.  We need some of that now, fast,… Continue reading It’s long past time to discuss President Biden’s obvious mental decline

Elon Musk: Are much needed changes coming to Twitter?

The world’s richest man and self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” is now the largest shareholder of the social media platform after haranguing it as a threat to democracy for limiting speech.  This isn’t a purely academic point after the platform blatantly interfered in the 2020 election.  In a more rational and fair world, Twitter would be… Continue reading Elon Musk: Are much needed changes coming to Twitter?

Yes, the CDC sold out your kids

We’re over a hundred days into the Biden administration and he still hasn’t delivered on his promise to open schools.  Somewhere around 17,900,000 students remain either purely virtual or in hybrid learning.  Now, we learn the reason why: The CDC has been conspiring with the teacher’s unions to keep kids out of class. Throughout a… Continue reading Yes, the CDC sold out your kids

Cancel Bruce Springsteen?

From predatory policing to cancel culture with a touch of schadenfreude, a few lessons from the revelation of the rock legend’s DUI last year.  What kind of world are we living in? Yesterday, the news broke that bonafide music legend, Bruce Springsteen, was arrested in November for suspicion of DUI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol… Continue reading Cancel Bruce Springsteen?