AOC: The progressive victim that roared

It might be easy to dismiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s constant complaining and claims of victimhood were she not illustrative of the progressive movement in general, where even the highest of the high, including the President himself feigns powerlessness and pretends he’s merely a victim of events. Life is very difficult for progressive firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  We… Continue reading AOC: The progressive victim that roared


Nobody likes Biden because nobody knows who he really is

Amid plunging poll numbers, progressives are abandoning the President and the President himself is lashing out.  It’s easy to blame this on the myriad crises facing the country, but the real reason is that Biden himself has been on every side of every issue and no one knows who he really is. President Biden’s sinking… Continue reading Nobody likes Biden because nobody knows who he really is

2022: Five things to watch for next year

Vaccine mandates and the fight for freedom, Critical Race Theory, transgender sports, the continuing crime wave, Russia, China, and inflation all made headlines this year, but are likely to continue as hot topics with long reaching consequences into 2022 and beyond.  No one knows the future, but each of these topics might change the world.… Continue reading 2022: Five things to watch for next year