Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” messaging strategy

Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton.  The former President was a masterful retail politician, able to connect with voters personally, and empathize directly with their needs.  From gas prices to the overall economy, the current President prefers to deny the reality happening before our very eyes. President Bill Clinton was famous for his ability to… Continue reading Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” messaging strategy

Biden’s Grand Transition or is it the Great Reset?

President Biden has settled on a new term to describe a shrinking economy beset by massive inflation.  Rather than a recession, we’re in a “transition,” but what exactly are we transitioning to when you can’t buy as much as you used to and travel the way you want to? According to the Biden Administration, the… Continue reading Biden’s Grand Transition or is it the Great Reset?

Progressives can’t even legalize marijuana

Democratic governance is so pathetically awful they can’t even pass a slam dunk bill that will simultaneously weaken drug cartels, reduce confrontations with police, and drive new revenue, but why should we be surprised as President Biden presides over a worst of times scenario like we’ve never seen in modern history? It’s taken for granted… Continue reading Progressives can’t even legalize marijuana