Wait, we’re putting kids in cages again? I thought that was wrong?

From “concentration camps” to welfare centric “detention centers,” migrant children are back in custody, but, don’t worry, it’s only because Biden is new to the job, even as his administration actually reopens camps that were closed under Trump.  Meaning, there will be more kids in cages, get used to it. Earlier this week, the Biden… Continue reading Wait, we’re putting kids in cages again? I thought that was wrong?


Coronavirus: Variants, vaccines, and boosters, oh my!

The CDC says the vaccine is only good for 3 months of exemption from quarantine, booster shots every year are all the rage even with that limited impact, variants are about to cause another wave, and the tentative end date for the pandemic is a year away.  Are we really talking 730 days to slow… Continue reading Coronavirus: Variants, vaccines, and boosters, oh my!

BOOK EXCERPT: A few pages from “The Curse of La Cosa Nostra, or How I Became a Teenage Mobster Vampire from Nutley, NJ”

“The surest way to make a well-formed and well-adjusted vampire is to stake them up the ass with the ceremonial dagger and store them in a cool, dark place until the following sunset.  Yes, you read that right:  Up the ass with a dagger.  I understand how disgusting that sounds, but I did warn you… Continue reading BOOK EXCERPT: A few pages from “The Curse of La Cosa Nostra, or How I Became a Teenage Mobster Vampire from Nutley, NJ”

Andrew Cuomo:  An Incredibly Well Deserved, Long Overdue Collapse

From winning an Emmy to fodder for Saturday Night Live, the embattled New York Governor’s coronavirus nursing home scandal finally makes headlines now that fellow Democrats are driving the narrative that Cuomo is a liar and a bully.  Who knew? In just a few short months, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has gone from Emmy… Continue reading Andrew Cuomo:  An Incredibly Well Deserved, Long Overdue Collapse

Capitol Attack: Who’s investigating the investigators?

No independent investigation has been launched 6 weeks after the attack despite promises from Nancy Pelosi and others.  In the meantime, many of the most shocking things we’ve been told, from police officers beaten to death to capture and kill teams stalking the halls, have proven false.  Will we ever get the full story? Let… Continue reading Capitol Attack: Who’s investigating the investigators?

Yes, progressives are coming for your single family home

The quest for social justice demands you sacrifice your neighborhood for the greater good.  Single family homes and the towns supporting them are racist.  President Biden is already making moves to crush this evil, and now a new article on Vox.com wants him to go even further.  Comply with their demands or your town will… Continue reading Yes, progressives are coming for your single family home

Let them eat fake meat

Bill Gates shows his true self:  Big houses and private jets for him, no beef for you.  Fighting climate change requires it and other sacrifices even more dramatic than the coronavirus lockdowns as we get ready for the Great Reset of capitalism as we know it.  Aren’t you excited? “I do think all rich countries… Continue reading Let them eat fake meat

Cancel William Shakespeare?

Woke culture will not rest until all evidence of Western culture is erased, and not even the greatest writer in the known universe is safe.  A new movement aims to eliminate Shakespeare from classrooms to focus on diverse voices, completely upending the nature of genius in favor of identity politics, but what else is new?… Continue reading Cancel William Shakespeare?

Biden lied and students died?

Then President-elect Biden promised to reopen schools in his first 100 days.  Now, we learn that promise actually meant 50.01% of schools open at least one day a week, meaning schools don’t really have to open this year.  “Hopefully it’s more,” they say.  Well, hopefully more students don’t commit suicide in the meantime. There’s nothing… Continue reading Biden lied and students died?

The Era of the Asterisk Impeachment

“The fact that an action is lawful is no defense,” and so the experts sum up how radically the mainstream media and politicians have bastardized impeachment, reducing it to nothing more than a show trial complete with a script and spoilers for the ending.  Does anyone really believe this is how things are really supposed… Continue reading The Era of the Asterisk Impeachment