Five things we should have known before the election

From a vaccine to Hunter Biden with the Supreme Court in between, the world has changed in less than two months, what did the media know and when did they know it? It’s only been six weeks since the election, and yet new revelations have shifted the terms of the debate around some important topics. … Continue reading Five things we should have known before the election

Trump-hating Biden voters need a reality check on their candidate of choice

Racist comments?  Accusations of sexual harassment?  Corruption?  Lying?  Incompetence?  Which candidate did they vote for, again? There’s nothing unusual about choosing the lesser of two evils in politics.  For many voters, that’s an uncomfortable choice they’re forced to make almost every election.  No candidate is perfect and it’s certainly easy to understand why some voters… Continue reading Trump-hating Biden voters need a reality check on their candidate of choice

Trump’s loss is the Republican’s own damn fault

Republican legislatures in key battleground states did nothing to secure the vote or stop the rewriting of the rules To borrow a song title from Bruce Springsteen’s classic album, “The Rising,” Trump supporters are “Countin’ on a Miracle” to overturn the current election results and re-elect the current occupant of the Oval Office. I hate… Continue reading Trump’s loss is the Republican’s own damn fault

Are “stolen” elections the new normal?

This is the third (or maybe even fourth) election out of the last six with claims of fraud, subterfuge, and even foreign vote tampering I understand the urge for Democrats to insist Republicans accept the results of the 2020 election and move on.  If the roles were reversed, I’d surely be singing the same tune,… Continue reading Are “stolen” elections the new normal?

Ballots here, ballots there, ballots everywhere

Can anyone explain how this election software is actually supposed to work? Yesterday, we learned that two counties in Georgia "found" batches of previously uncounted votes. These votes were stored on "memory" cards, but somehow were never reported in the initial count. To which I say: How is that freaking possible in the year 2020?… Continue reading Ballots here, ballots there, ballots everywhere