“I heard screaming and bullwhips cracking,” the crisis at the border goes full Neil Young and Biden blames the agents trying to keep us safe

When was the last time you saw a law enforcement agent armed with a whip straight out of Indiana Jones?  Close to 15,000 Haitians massed on the border prompts the most vile smear yet against the Border Patrol and even the Biden Administration is all in, prompting investigations into lies and slander while the open borders agenda continues apace.

Over the past couple of weeks, the crisis of the border has entered the realm of the surreal as thousands of Haitian migrants have camped out under an international bridge in Del Rio, Texas to claim political asylum.  The conditions in this makeshift encampment are poor to say the least with no proper sanitary facilities, a lack of water, people sleeping on the dirt, or building shelters with fallen branches and twigs, amid piles of garbage growing on the ground.  At least one woman has given birth and others were reportedly pregnant.  The situation is so deplorable that even the Democrat Mayor of Del Rio, Bruno Lozana, has said “The Border Patrol is unfortunately strained to its limit” and has requested additional help from the Federal Government.  Up until September 12, the Haitian migrants had been stopped by Mexican authorities in Tapachula, but for some reason the government decided they were free to go, so they completed their journey to the United States, choosing Del Rio as their place of entry because the local cartel doesn’t require payment for passage that can normally cost upwards of $10,000.

“These people are desperate…and they’re determined to get here,” explained county Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez.  There’s little doubt of that, as these migrants have traveled thousands of miles across Latin America, through Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala, all the way from Chile.  Yes, Chile.  Though originally from Haiti, the vast majority have not actually been to the poor island country in many years, but instead have been living peacefully in the wealthiest country in Latin America for a half decade or more.  Chile had been gracious enough to grant them asylum, many after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010.  Of course, this hasn’t stopped the media from suggesting the sudden influx is related to the much more recent earthquake in August.  CNN, for example, is sure to include this false, red herring in their coverage, “The number of migrants — many of them Haitian — assembled in the temporary site has swelled from roughly 400 one week ago to around 13,990 on Friday in a mounting immigration crisis for the Biden administration.  Haiti is reeling from a major earthquake that left more than 2,000 people dead and thousands more injured, as well as from the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July.”

To be sure, they do mention “Many Haitians are believed to have been living in South America after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti,” but provide an excuse for the surge anyway, “the economic toll of the pandemic on the region fueled migration to the US southern border.”  Since these migrants are from a relatively wealthy and stable South American country, however, why are they really coming?  Todd Benson of the Center for Immigration studies has been to Del Rio and interviewed the people on the ground.  “As one put it to me, ‘I love Chile, it’s 1,000 times better than Haiti, but I want to come to the United States, that’s a million times better.”  Why are they coming now?  “When Biden got in, word went out and they decided, we’re coming now. That was the decision point.”  Mr. Benson continues, “I’ve interviewed 60 to 70 Haitians over the last year and it’s always the same story – Joe Biden opened the border so we decided we could upgrade our lifestyle. I interviewed a guy an hour ago who said he was living in Brazil and making good money but he said he heard everyone was getting into America so he came.”

In other words, they’re coming as a direct result of the Biden Administration’s woefully inadequate border policies.  They believe they can claim refugee status in the United States, despite that they are clearly not legal refugees by any reasonable reading of the law.  Contrary to popular belief in progressive legal and political circles, claiming asylum has never meant the ability to move between countries as you choose and pick the best one like insisting on owning Boardwalk or Park Place in Monopoly.  Asylum laws include “Safe Third Country” provisions that require refugees to apply for asylum in whatever country they land in first.  You cannot settle somewhere for years and then claim asylum again simply because you think America would be a better bet.  Once again, this hasn’t stopped progressives from claiming otherwise.  Patricia Lawrence, an immigration activist, writing for CNN claimed, “Haitians, like all people, have a legal right to seek asylum in the United States. Although asylum seekers may present themselves at an official port of entry, they are not required to do so.”

This is a preposterous position:  You cannot just show up anywhere in the country at any time and claim asylum.  That’s not the way this works, and that’s why around 90% of asylum claims made by migrants coming through Mexico are rejected.  Ms. Lawrence surely knows this, along with the rest of the mainstream media and the Biden Administration, but rather than tell the truth that they are calling for radical reinterpretation of prevailing asylum laws, they lie about it, repeatedly, because it doesn’t fit their open borders agenda.  Of course, politicians and activists have lied about their goals and plans since there have been politicians and activists.  Nothing will change that, but lying to smear the honorable men and women of the Border Patrol simply for doing their job under impossible conditions, literally besieged by millions of people this year alone, is taking things to another, far more reprehensible level.

Unfortunately, that is exactly exactly what we were forced to witness this week as Democrats and the media erupted over pictures purporting to show Border Agents on horseback literally whipping, yes whipping Haitian migrants.  The claim was preposterous on its face — when was the last time you saw anyone armed with a whip of all things outside of Indian Jones or a lion tamer? — but it still spread like wildfire, all that was missing was the lyrics to Neil Young’s “Southern Man.”  Regardless, they all seemed to hear screaming and bullwhips cracking, everyone from historians and media types to politicians.  USA Today reported that historians believed such treatment recalls “slavery-era whippings.”  The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services picked up on this same theme, writing on Twitter that “These images are no different from when KKK members & slave patrollers would round up enslaved Black Americans during reconstruction.”

MSNBC host Joy Ann-Reid described it as “beyond repulsive,” asking “Are these images from 2021 or 1851?”  She was responding to a Tweet from Sawyer Hackett, executive director of a Democrat political action committee, who described it as “unfathomable cruelty towards people fleeing disaster and political ruin,” once again repeating the lie that these migrants have recently arrived from Haiti.  San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, founder of the aforementioned political action committee, claimed the migrants were being “treated like animals” and that it was “appalling” repeating the same lie.  Democrat Representative Jamaal Bowman wrote “We are still whipping black bodies in 2021. Shame on us as a nation. For our inhumanity.”  Representative Cori Bush said she was “outraged” and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added that “our immigration system is designed for cruelty towards and dehumanization of immigrants.”

Not a single one of them asked the obvious question:  Precisely what are Border Agents supposed to do when hundreds of people are illegally rushing the border, literally running right at them in defiance of any and all immigration laws?  There’s little doubt each and everyone of these “migrants” was aware what they were doing was illegal.  The city of Del Rio had already set up a miles long line of cars to prevent a surge across the border, clearing indicating they were not allowed to cross on their own.  They knew exactly what they were doing, but charged in anyway.  Let’s try a little thought experiment, shall we?  The next time President Biden or any of these politicians makes a speech in public, what do you think will happen to you if you storm the barrier?  Do you think the Secret Service are just going to let you march on up?  Of course not.  You will be taken down, forcibly, and yet, for some completely unstated reason, we’re supposed to allow anyone and everyone to simply waltz across the border and we can do absolutely nothing about it, perhaps not even admonish them with harsh language.

At the same time, demagoguery among lawmakers and the establishment media is nothing new.  It’s easy to substitute ridiculous analogies and outright lies coupled with malicious slander for meaningful plans when you’re not actually running the show, charged with securing the border by the Constitution and a myriad of applicable laws.  One would think the President of the United States, the chief law enforcement officer in the country, to whom the Border Patrol itself reports, would be the adult in the room that turns down the temperature and protects his own employees from vile slanders.  After all, the mantra on the campaign trail was electing Biden would put the clear-headed, cool-minded adults back in charge of the government.  People we would could trust to make rational, informed policy and maintain our precious democratic norms.  Surely, they would politely explain that you can’t have a country with millions of people swarming in illegally, hundreds of thousands on a monthly basis, right?

Wrong, catastrophically, and completely wrong:  Every single member of the administration that has commented on the topic has repeated the lies and incredibly promised retribution for the Border Patrol, not the illegal aliens.  Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about it on The View and quickly descended into peddling the same falsehoods and demagoguery, complete with a smirk and a smile. “I’ve been very clear about the images that you and I both saw of those law enforcement officials on horses — I was outraged by it, it was horrible, and deeply troubling,” she claimed. “There’s been now an investigation that is being conducted, which I fully support, and there needs to be consequence and accountability.”  She continued leaving no lie untold, “It also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history where that kind of behavior has been used against the indigenous people of our country, has been used against African Americans during times of slavery.”  The investigation Vice President Harris referred to is being conducted by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  He’s all in on the slander as well.  “We know that those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation’s ongoing battle against systemic racism,” he said.

They say the fish rots from the head, and in this case President Biden himself is insisting the Border Patrol will pay.  “Of course I take responsibility,” he said. “I’m president, but it was horrible what you saw.”  “To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped — it’s outrageous,” he continued. “I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. There will be consequences,” adding that it was “an embarrassment, but beyond an embarrassment, it’s dangerous,” as if there is no danger whatsoever in a completely open, out of control border.  “It’s wrong,” Biden also said. “It sends the wrong message around the world. It sends the wrong message at home.  It’s simply not who we are,” apparently unbeknownst to anyone, we are no longer a country with anything resembling an enforceable border.

To describe this as shameful and reprehensible, again they are slandering men and women in uniform over an incident where no one was hurt and they were simply doing their job is to miss the entire point.  Left unsaid is that the radical left, up to and including the so-called adults in the room, do not believe the United States of America is a country anymore, in any meaningful sense of the term.  Their actions have enabled more than 1.5 million people to enter the country this year illegally that we know of, 208,000 last month alone with absolutely no sign of slowing down.  Throughout, they have done absolutely nothing to control the situation or provide some semblance of security.  Now, they’re actively smearing the men and women of the Border Patrol, who’s job is to secure the border, based on a complete and obvious lie.  They’ve since suspended the horse patrols entirely in the region, a method of patrolling in place for a hundred years, putting even more lives at risk.  How else do you think agents navigate tough terrain without roads, not only enforcing the border, but also running rescue operations to save some of the same migrants progressives claim to care so much about?

On Friday, Secretary Mayorkas announced that the administration had summarily cleared the camp, “Today, we have no migrants remaining in the camp under the International Bridge,” he said.  Of course, the camp was closed not by actually enforcing the border and turning illegal migrants away, but by secretly taking 12,400 out of them into the United States with no announcement, no discussion, nothing.  A mere 2,000 were sent back to Haiti under coronavirus policies, despite that they admit none of them were tested for the virus.  According to NBC News, “an additional 12,400 will remain in the country and have their asylum cases heard by a judge because of exemptions in that policy, which include those who have an ‘acute vulnerability,’ like needing urgent medical care, or because of ‘operational capacity,’ Mayorkas said.”   “That means they go before an immigration judge in immigration court,” he continued. “If they make a claim that they have a basis under law to remain in the United States, then the judge will hear and adjudicate that claim. If the judge determines that the claim is not valid, the individual will be removed.”

Alas, this is another lie:  They know these migrants have no valid claim and yet they will never leave.  It’s time to admit that’s the actual plan all along.  Why would you encourage millions of people to make false asylum claims, knowing full well nine of ten will be rejected?  Why focus on fuzzy root causes and other canards while millions stream through? There’s no other explanation for the continued madness at the border, this time dialed up to 11 with the President of the United States shamefully smearing his own agents, rather than actually doing something about it.  This is precisely what they want for whatever mad reason and at the least, they should have the decency to come out and say it.

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