Critical Race Theory: Yes, the FBI is targeting parents and progressives continue to lie about it, even as they promise to get more aggressive

The battle over Critical Race Theory is frequently depicted as a fight over “honest history,” but history isn’t the point.  The fight is really over the future, as progressives seek to redefine the history of America to one of endless, intentional oppression and racism.  The goal is to make the country irredeemable and undermine our founding principles to remake the Republic in their image.

Last month, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo to FBI Director Christopher Ray directing him to take action against parents supposedly threatening school boards.  He claimed “there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools,” without providing much if any evidence.   Many believe he was acting in concert with the National School Boards Association, a group that has made similar claims, but the truth is there has been nothing of the sort, not more than a handful of local incidents, and a couple of arrests.  Certainly, nothing that requires the full weight and power of the Federal government.  Shortly thereafter, the Attorney General appeared before Congress to deny the charge that they were targeting parents at all, much less that they considered parents domestic terrorists.

The mainstream media sprung into action as well, dutifully “fact checking” the claim and, surprise, surprise, they agreed with AG Garland.  Incredibly, they cited the Department of Justice’s own press “official” on the matter, who claimed the charge was “misinformation” in the parlance of our times, as if the word of a mouthpiece for Garland himself could possibly be trusted on the issue.  Perhaps even more incredibly, the Associated Press made mention of the National School Boards Association itself and their original request to President Joe Biden to use domestic terrorism powers against parents.  Though the organization used that precise language and openly asked for the full array of antiterrorism measures, the AP described the letter to the President as a mere request for “federal assistance to investigate mounting threats and crimes against educators and school officials.”  Nor did they mention that the NSBA subsequently apologized for their incendiary choice of words, realizing they had gone a few steps too far.

This week, however, a whistleblower has come forward — remember how popular they were during the Trump era? — with specific evidence that yes, in fact, the FBI has implemented an all new threat tagging system for parents, completely in line with how they track other terrorist threats.  The whistleblower in question shared an internal email dated October 20 with House Republicans.  The email notes that it was prompted by AG Garland’s original memo and instructs FBI agents to label any investigations or assessments of threats regarding educational officials with the tag “EDUOFFICIALS.”  This new tag was created by the Counterterrorism and Criminal Divisions and the email itself was signed by the chiefs of both divisions, making it an official directive.  The instructions were for all FBI offices to “apply the threat tag to investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed at school board administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.  The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat on a national level” and to ensure “effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels.”  The directive asks FBI agents to consider whether there is a “federal nexus” and are there “potential federal violations that can be investigated and charged?”   In other words, the FBI is building a counterterrorism database of parents around the country, treating them like terrorists, exactly as requested by the NSBA and completely contrary to both Garland and mainstream media claims.

Unfortunately, this should not be surprising when both progressives and their enablers in the mainstream media continue to lie about Critical Race Theory, vacillating between claims it’s not being taught in school and, even if it was, conservatives are lying about it anyway due to their latent white supremacy or something.  Thus, The New York Times pretends to cover the situation in Loudoun County after former Governor Terry McAuliffe was trounced by Glenn Youngkin in a widely watched election earlier this month, while slanting and spinning the story beyond recognition.  As they describe it, “Loudoun County was just another American suburbia taking a hard look at its schools” because “white  students were no longer in the majority, and educators were trying to be more aware of how racism could affect their students’ education.”  The district addressed those concerns by hiring a “consulting firm to help train teachers about bias. It tried to hire more teachers of color. And a high school changed its mascot from the Raiders, named for a Confederate battalion, to the Captains.”

That certainly sounds innocent enough, and so it comes with some surprise that there were “rumblings of resistance” from “vocal parents” who “protested the districts antiracism efforts as Marxism” and even “some teachers” who “disliked the trainings, which they found ham-handed and over the top.”  The Times, however, mysteriously provides very little insight on the content of the training materials or the provider, Equity Collaborative.  They quote a history teacher, Monica Gill, who objected to part of the training, “an animated video called “The Unequal Opportunity Race,” in which white people get a head start, while people of color must wait and then face obstacle after obstacle.”  “I didn’t grow up in white privilege,” Ms. Gill said. “I worked hard to get through college, and it wasn’t handed to me by any stretch. It seemed to me that this whole thing they were pushing was very shallow.”  Of course, they don’t quote Ms. Gill from earlier this year, when she said far more forcefully, “Our education leadership denies it, but equity is critical race theory dressed up pretty. It sounds lovely – equity – but it is poison.  Because equity is not about equality of opportunity, which is foundational to American political culture and economic strength. It is about equal outcomes, which is foundational to Marxist political ideology.”

Far be it from me to insert myself into the mind of New York Times writer, Stephanie Saul, but one look at the material from Equity Collaborative makes the reasons why she refused to engage with the material incredibly obvious.  The lies she’s peddling would instantly collapse once fair-minded readers were exposed to the “5 Tenets of CRT” including the “Permanence of Racism,” “Critique of Liberalism,” and “Whiteness as Property.”  According to Equity Collaborative, “The permanence of racism suggests that racism controls the political, social, and economic realms of U.S. society.  In CRT, racism is seen as an inherent part of American civilization, privileging White individuals over people of color in most areas of life, including education.”  In other words, every aspect of American life is permanently and inextricably stained by racism. 

The Equity Collaborative on the Permanence of Racism

Equity Collaborative then goes one step further, suggesting that liberalism itself, as in the broadly defined underpinnings of American and Western European society, is to blame and, therefore, must presumably be uprooted.  “The idea of meritocracy allows the empowered — the status quo — to feel ‘good’ and have a clear conscience: many would ask why the powerful would not have a clear conscience since they maintain the majority of wealth and power in society.  The powerful maintain power and relinquish only portions of it when they have nothing to lose; furthermore, they receive platitudes and compliments when they do choose to dole out portions of their power.”  Of course, if the very idea that people should be treated based on their merits independent of their ethnic background is suspect, the very idea of America, the Western World, and the free market is also flawed and suspect.  From there, teachers were told to confess their own “racist, sexist, heterosexist, or other detrimental attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and feelings” and then “acknowledge one’s Whiteness is crucial for effective teaching.”  The final slide in the presentation prompted them to discuss “How might you use CRT to identify and address systemic oppression in you [sic] school, district or organization?”  This is after “The Unequal Opportunity Race” depicted standardized tests as a pool full of sharks hunting minority students, presumably not Asian students though as they excel on such tests.  Ultimately, the white runner wins because he’s on a conveyor belt.

Amazingly, progressives still continue to maintain that Critical Race Theory isn’t precisely what conservatives claim.  Instead, at least according to Kali Holloway, writing for The Nation, it’s just a “full accounting of history,” “one that includes long-ignored perspectives and experiences and, consequently, locates the contradictions between American delusions of exceptionalism and the country’s grievous reality of brutal exploitation.”  Note the language, the very notion of exceptionalism is “delusional” and the only reality is “brutal.”  Ms. Holloway asks us to “Listen to the throngs of angry white parents at school board meetings and it becomes clear that they believe history is a zero-sum game—that a history that documents Black American existence undermines and erases white American history. Like Blackness itself, these folks see Black history as somehow both insufficiently American and inherently anti-white.”  Of course, she ignores the fact that many of these “throngs” are composed of Asian-American parents, who firmly believe in meritocracy and have no interest in seeing their children segregated by race.  She also conveniently fails to consider that — throughout all this — the Republican share of the black and Latino vote has increased, not decreased, meaning a segment of those minority populations isn’t happy either.  How is that possible if white supremacy drives everything to the point where “our white supremacist racial order provided well-documented inspiration to a rising German political star named Adolf Hitler?”

Yes, we’re supposed to believe that America as inspiration for the Nazis is merely an honest, true account of history as encapsulated by Critical Race Theory.  At this point, it’s impossible to believe Ms. Holloway and others could be stupid enough to believe this.  No, they think you are stupid enough to accept their lies.  It doesn’t take a law degree or any specialized knowledge to understand that there’s a fundamental difference between teaching facts, what most people would normally understand as history, and the philosophy behind those facts. 

As I alluded to earlier, describing American “exceptionalism” as merely a delusion gives away the entire game.  There is a self-evident, obvious, and distinct difference between believing that America was imperfect at its founding and remains so today, but that the philosophy and structure of government defined by our founding documents were seminal events in the history of humankind, setting the stage for all the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today, than believing America was both imperfect and set up to be unequal, oppressive, and imperfect forever.  The former embraces the founding principles, equality under the law, natural rights, a federalist system, separation of powers, and more as being both revolutionary at the time and equally important for the future, even as the realization of those principles was a long, arduous, tragic, and painful time coming for segments of American society.  The former is what I and my fellow patriotic Americans believe.  The latter rejects those principles as merely a charade to continue the unending oppression.  The latter is also what the Critical Race Theory proponents believe, though they are loath to say it out loud for obvious reasons.

Which side are you on?  We know where the Democrats and progressives stand:  Despite a bruising loss in Virginia and an incredibly close race in New Jersey, they plan to “swing back aggressively at Republicans on Critical Race Theory claims” according to Business Insider, meaning we can likely expect more lies and more overreach from the federal government.  This isn’t a complicated choice, however.  Either you can side with true civil rights greats like Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King, Jr. who recognized the genius of our way of life, even as the fruits of that genius were denied to them personally, or you can side with those who seek to overturn everything that makes America great and refashion the country into a quasi-Marxist utopia.  These are your options.

“Honest history” has nothing at all to do with it because this isn’t about the past at all.  It’s about the future.  As George Orwell famously wrote, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” The intention is obvious:  Rewrite the past as nothing but a history of atrocity and oppression, to bring into being a statist future.


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  1. News you may have missed…

    h/t Alex Berenson

    The data on the Pfizer vaccine from the FDA shows that the vaccines killed four people in order to prevent a single death from covid.

    21 deaths in the vaccine arm

    17 deaths in the placebo arm

    1 covid-related death in the vaccine arm

    2 covid-related deaths in the placebo arm

    That’s a net prevention of 1 covid-related death in the vaccine arm and FOUR excess deaths in the vaccine arm.

    No wonder the FDA is trying to hide the raw data.


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