The Sopranos: Will we see the Feech La Manna card game robbery in The Many Saints of Newark?

Less than two weeks before the The Sopranos prequel hits theaters and HBO Max, check out a new YouTube video on a legendary story from Tony’s youth and the general theme of the old versus the young in the hit show.

We all know the legend. A young Tony Soprano and Jackie Aprile robbed the card game of one Feech La Manna. Feech was a feared and respected Capo, a man Tony described as a “legend,” and these two young punks had the audacity to rob him. Not only did Tony and Jackie ultimately get away with it, but their treachery actually helped solidify their standing as rising stars in the family. Oh marone!

Tony and Jackie were on the fast track to becoming made men, but poor Ralphie caught the clap from some hippie chick and his thing was leaking like a busted pipe. But when Ralph detailed the legendary tale to Jackie Jr, history failed to repeat itself, as the story planted a seed in young Jackie’s mind that would ultimately lead to his demise.

Will we get to see the legendary card game robbery in The Many Saints of Newark?

  • Contains spoilers from the HBO hit series The Sopranos
  • Narrated and produced by Geoffrey Ciani (aka – Rummy)
  • Written by Geoffrey Ciani and Christian Twiste

In the series, we never actually see the game, even in flashback.  We instead see the story’s impact on Jackie Jr, who is inspired by the daring exploits of his father to recruit his knucklehead pal Dino to rob a current card game.  Perhaps needless to say, they failed, miserably, but this idea that characters in the present day weren’t living up the past was a common theme throughout The Sopranos. Making a name for oneself and gaining respect isn’t easy in the mob world. Christopher and to a greater extent his pal Brendan struggle to make a name for themselves in Season 1. In Season 2 Matthew and Sean were seeking the same. And of course, Jackie Jr and Dino. Christopher was the only one from that group to make it, in large part because of who he knew – his close relationship with Tony.

Like Moltisanti, Jackie had roots in the biz. But Jackie Jr and Dino were incompetent. Their efforts resulted in complete fiasco! They were high on drugs and wishy-washy before they even attempted robbing Gene’s game. And when they finally did decide to go for it, Gene’s dealer was killed, Furio was wounded, Matush tucked tail and ran, Dino was whacked on the spot, and Jackie fled and hid out before he too was hunted down. Unlike Tony and Jackie Sr, these two halfwits had neither the smarts nor skills, not to mention the connections to pull off the job.


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