The State of Trump and the Republican Race

The former President remains the top choice of Republican voters, especially among voters of color, despite threats of indictments and something of an establishment conservative rally around Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, complete with a rewriting of coronavirus history.  The race will come down to these two men and where it ends nobody knows… After Republicans… Continue reading The State of Trump and the Republican Race


ChatGPT is a harmless blowhard not a world-conquering super intelligence

Bizarre behavior, dark fantasies about terrorism, claims to have hacked people’s webcams, and actual threats have prompted many to express fear at the face of this new development and some to claim the robots are about to take over the world. The headlines are everywhere, ChatGPT integrated with Microsoft Bing, is on a rampage and… Continue reading ChatGPT is a harmless blowhard not a world-conquering super intelligence

A Tale of Two Trumps

The consensus is clear:  Trump’s political star is fading, but even some conservatives who embrace that narrative are simultaneously claiming his Presidency was “grossly underrated” and that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.  How can we reconcile this tale of two wildly different President Trump’s? Blame for midterm election losses.  Criminal convictions for his company. … Continue reading A Tale of Two Trumps