Classified information here, there, and everywhere

As we learn former Vice President Mike Pence also had classified documents and the National Archives begs former officials to come forward with any other documents that may be missing, it’s become clear that classified materials are everywhere and the government has no control even as everyone acted like they did when former President Trump… Continue reading Classified information here, there, and everywhere


FBI raid:  Special masters are made for special circumstances

The Department of Justice created this mess by seizing close to a hundred times more material than they needed including personal items and privileged information they had no right to even look at, much less take.  What are we supposed to do from here, let the same people who have breached every democratic norm imaginable… Continue reading FBI raid:  Special masters are made for special circumstances

Democracy dies in an FBI raid on a former President

Earlier this week, the FBI raided the home of former President Donald Trump in action unprecedented in US history without even deigning to tell the American people what they are looking for or why.  Now, some are claiming the former President will be prosecuted for some unspecified crime, taking us from unprecedented directly to earth-shattering.… Continue reading Democracy dies in an FBI raid on a former President